Sunday, July 4, 2010

1 Week Left...

Just because there is no African representation left in the World Cup (no bitterness here of course) doesn't mean that the beard for Africa is no more. Back on June 10 I decided to grow a World Cup beard, and as long as the World Cup is still going on, the beard will continue to grow, or at least I won't shave it. Whether it's growing anymore or not is still up for debate. Another week and then I can rescue my face from this nonsense. Here it is on Day 24

This is the 'angry at Luis Suarez' mohawk version. Maybe next World Cup I will go with a World Cup mohawk instead of a World Cup beard.

As you can see, it's been a tough weekend for me, and a tear or two may have been shed. Ghana lost on Friday, I found a mouse in my car on Saturday, then had to run through sprinklers to get into my condo at 1 AM, and it starting raining while I was trying to clean out and vacuum my car. Oh, and the Blue Jays gave up 11 runs in one inning yesterday and lost in extra innings today to the hated Yankees. It is good that in the grand scheme of things, all of those mean nothing.


  1. A really great recap of Africa's role in the World Cup. I was also supporting and cheering for Ghana to make a serious run, and any honest person, has to admit the boys did an outstanding job. Of course, your attachment would be much stronger and passionate since you've actually set foot in the country and the continent it resides in.

  2. I had actually already commented on this post, but it appears black magic or space aliens (or the Uraguayan government?) annexed my post to the zone of obscurity.

    I wanted you to know that I've loved your World Cup coverage, esepcially the special focus on the African teams. I am far from antyhing that resembles an expert when it comes to things like soccer (football), but I really think Ghana is going to impress even more in 2014 since they seem like a growing club. Though the men have nothing to be ashamed of this time, because they had an amazing run against top flight competition.